Things are moving along

Let’s see, here’s the progress for this super awesome trip that can’t possibly come fast enough.

  • Flight booked, departure 29 May 16:00, arrival 30 May 21:50 Gimpo
  • Airbnb booked from 30 May-4 June, that’s how long I’ll have to find a hasookjib
  • Visa received last week
  • House rental: lease will be signed on Friday
  • Packing: no comment… I’ve actually started packing up the house somewhat, as for trip packing I plan on doing a packing test maybe next week (after I receive my compression bags from amazon)

All in all plans are going well. Just having trouble getting through each day at work… I never really liked my job but no that I know I’ll be leaving in less than four weeks I am having a really hard time being productive or caring at all about work. I have resorted to counting down the days on a mini post-it pad on my desk, and I am now at 16 or 17 workdays left (I’m not sure since I didn’t go to work today.

I think the closer and more real this becomes the more stressed I become, even though I should be getting excited. This in turn is causing me to have more migraines than usual which is very unpleasant. Hopefully the more I get done the less stress there will be, time will tell.


Stress… is weird

One of the most important things I have to do before going to Korea is to rent my house, I could sell but then I’d have nowhere to come back too (there are other reasons but I won’t get into them right now) so I decided to rent. I had originally decided to do it myself but after putting up my add on kijiji and craigslist I was contacted by realtor who was interested in listing my house. After doing a first visit on my own, I realized I had no idea what I was doing.¬†And so after meeting with the realtor I decided to go ahead and list with him, he basically takes care of everything the visits, the credit check, everything. The house was listed on Wednesday and by Thursday we already had 3 visits scheduled!

2 of those visits were today, both went well and looked liked good prospects as future tenants. The first of the two made a rental offer before the end of the day and offered slightly above the monthly rent I was asking for. Yay! I signed the rental promise and now we just have to wait on the credit check which I should get by Tues at the latest, more likely Mon. If that checks out the lease should be signed by the end of next week. I was very happy when I signed, the potential tenant agreed to the move in date and to pay more than my list price, all in all a great deal for me, especially since I expected to have to absorb the cost of one month. For those who aren’t Canadian moving day here is July 1st, so basically nearly all leases are for that date and seeing as I wanted to rent for June 1st there was a high chance that I would have to absorb that first month (which would have sucked, and wasn’t really in my budget).

But now… It’s been a few hours since I signed and for some reason my stress level has increased. I should be relieved that my biggest obstacle is nearly cleared but instead it’s stressing me out. This makes no sense to me at all! Unless I’m stressed because if this goes through there is no turning back? I mean I will no longer have a place to live here so I will no longer have the option to change my mind and not go? That’s the only thing I can think of that would make this positive thing stress me out.

Anyway, just writing it made me feel better. So now we wait for the credit check to clear, and on Monday I go get my passport back from the consulate (with a nice shiny D-4 visa in there).

Visa application

I finally received the paperwork the school sent that I needed to apply for my visa. They actually arrived on Monday but I didn’t have a chance to pick them up. I had some thing to do Monday night and so planned to pick it up on Tuesday. But then, on Tues I arrived at the post office and… they were closed! I arrived just a few minutes to late, so I was upset that I couldn’t get my mail. In all fairness though it’s my fault for not checking the hours before, but I was mad nonetheless.

Moving on, I managed to pick them up of my way home from work on Wednesday. Now I had everything I needed to apply for my visa except for time. I didn’t want to wait until after the long weekend (4 days) since I thought I just might go crazy if I did that. So during the day on Wed I went to see my boss and asked him if I could leave early on Thurs to go get my visa. He agreed to let me leave early (and by early I mean right after lunch). Since I had a appointment at 3 I had to go to the consulate before my appointment because the consulate closes at 4 (at least the visa counter does anyway.

So I left work early, got sent around in circles by Google maps on the way, managed to find parking not too far away, and arrived before they reopened after lunch (1:30). I had a few questions on filling out the paperwork properly and after completing all of it handed it in along with my passport. The lady gave me a piece of paper and told me I needed to bring that back with a piece of ID to get my visa and passport back. According to that little paper I can go back to pick them up on 24 April. That’s a pretty fast turnaround!

I Quit!

Ha! That’s right, I quit! I officially gave my one months notice at work today and in the process also had to explain why I was quitting. Firstly, everyone was surprised that I was leaving, but everyone thought that going to Korea was a great project. I was happy that I was not met with any skepticism, fear, or thoughts of my being crazy.

For some what I’m doing could very well seem like something completely crazy. I mean I just bought my first house, I have a good paying job and for the most part like the people I work with. But I am not happy, I feel like I haven’t found my place or what it is I want out of life. I am hoping this somewhat crazy journey I’ve embarked on will help me to find those things.

House rental looking up

I just posted 2 adds last night to rent my house, I opted for free sites so I went with Kijiji and craigslist. So far I have had 4 calls/emails with inquiries about it! I’m very surprised, I didn’t expect to get that much interest already, but hey, I’ll take it! I have someone coming to visit tomorrow evening and will be meeting a realtor on Wednesday who has interest in listing my house.

No so sure about the realtor, guess I’ll hear what he has to say, he might be able to help me rent for more or simplify the tenant selection. Much of this will of course depend on how much it costs, I am on a tight budget as a soon to be unemployed student…

Oh, my documents were also delivered today. But as they require signature I will have to pick them up at the post office tomorrow after work, and then the consulate on Wednesday.


I think all things related to me trying to get to Korea are meant to develop my patience… I am not a particularly patient person, in fact I would say I am more or less always in a hurry. But having to constantly wait for things, and all preparations being linked to the thing I am waiting for is trying my patience. Perhaps this is part of my personal growth journey?

Realistically though there’s just no way I would have received the paperwork from the school yet, I mean even in country mail takes a few days. OK, OK, I am just really anxious to get my papers, it’s only been two days since the school sent them over. Thankfully (or maybe not, I haven’t decided yet) I have a tracking number, and so (obviously) I obsessively check to see where my package is. So far it has arrived in Canada and has now been processed in Mississauga. If my previous packages are any indication, I will receive my docs on Monday or Tuesday. At which point a trip to the consulate will be in order.

But… Another problem arises… When I was completing the visa form earlier there were a few fields that I could not complete. I do not yet have an address in Korea, in fact I’m waiting for my visa approval before I book my plane ticket and air bnb. This puts me in a bit of a bind, I guess I will have to email the consulate again to clear this up. Through this whole process I am finding that there is very little information provided in their website and so I have to send them a lot of emails. Perhaps they should make a more detailed website… At the very least once I have my visa I will probably write a consolidated D-4 visa post, I would have liked to find that kind of post.