Tomorrow we make Japchae

Every level at KLI has some sort of cultural activity, well except level 1… Anyway for level 2 our activity is to make Korean food, particularly we will be making japchae. Japchae is glass noodles with vegetables and meat, it’s actually not too bad; except at my hasook where the ajumma makes it super spicy, noodles are not suppose to be spicy… Today in class we watched a DVD and read the recipe (all in Korean of course), we had learned most of the vocabulary earlier in the week (boil, chop, cut, mix, etc) so I actually understood most of it but since we were also watching a video of it, it didn’t really matter if I understood 🙂

So tomorrow morning we have our first two classes and the last two periods we will be making some food! I’m glad we got the last two periods because then we can eat the japchae for lunch, yum! I guess I’ll have to post again later this week to tell you all how it went, until then here is a link to how to make japchae here.


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