What if….

I think I mentioned this before but in my level 2 class one of my classmates is someone I had in my class from level 1. We are not particularly close but I guess I talk to her more often than I talk to my other classmates. The rest of my level 1 classmates which are still here also get together for lunch regularly, well actually almost everyday unless we have some extra classes or meetings with classmates to prepare class work. All this to say that we all hang out together quite a bit.

My classmates (let’s call her M for simplicity and anonymity), so M hasn’t come to class since last Wednesday. She has missed 3 days in a row of classes, I sent her a kakaotalk message on Thursday since we had a class activity and the teacher wanted to know if she was coming. She didn’t come, not did she answer my message or come to class on Friday either. Come Monday (that’s today) and I expected to see her in class, but once again she was absent… I spoke to my other level 1 friends to see if maybe they knew anything and they didn’t. H (another level 1 friend who’s in another class now) sent her a text during class and later called her as well but got no reply. Since we were in the same class during level 1 and M rarely missed class (I think she missed 1, maybe 2 days), we are all a little worried now.

H happens to know where M lives so we go and head to her place later after class to make sure she’s OK; we don’t know her room number so we try calling and texting again but get no reply.With no other option we call the owner of the place (she lives in a one room apartment) and ask for her room number. It was a little difficult and complicated but we managed to get it so we go knock on her door. We knocked loudly and like 10 times and even tried the door a few times with no answer. At this point I guess we’re even more worried so we go to the owners office, we explained the situation and she seemed to understand what was going on (that we were worried about our friend). She come down and she knocks as well before unlocking the door. And then we hear our friend ask who’s there… She never actually opened the door, we just heard her voice but I guess now we know she’s OK.

So I guess my friend is OK, and I hope she comes to class tomorrow but this all got me thinking… All of us hang out together and stuff but we don’t really know much about each other, I mean we don’t even know where each other lives. So what would happen if something really did happen to one of us? Is a bit of a disconcerting thought really. I have a feeling we might all share some of that information now, just in case.

Since this will probably worry my parents… All my friends know exactly where I live and have all actually been here before; besides if the hasook lady/other residents didn’t see me for more than a few days they would know something is wrong. All my school friends also know that I would never miss class so if I did they would phone/text/call and/or come to my place to make sure I was OK. I guess this isn’t the kind of thing we want to think about but it is something rather important, I mean realistically here if I got hit by a car or something how would anyone know… Guess we’ll all think about it now.


3 thoughts on “What if….”

    1. I guess when you have a job it’s easier to have something in place since if you don’t show up to work someone would ask questions. Even though they take attendance at school, it’s not like they really have any reason to check up on you…. I guess it’s good this happened before anything serious happened…

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