We finally get some much needed time off for Chuseok (thanksgiving), YAY! We have ten days off and then as soon as we come back to school we have our midterms, well we have one day of review and then midterms. I didn’t really make any plans for this time off since, well I don’t really plan things but also I knew I had to study quite a bit during this time if I want any chance at all to pass level 2.

So besides studying… I also recently found some work online doing some translating (French-English) so I’ll probably be working quite a bit as well. Having finally found work is quite a relief since I had started getting a little worried about having no money coming in especially since I have to pay my tuition for the upcoming year before next week. So besides studying and working (which makes for a boring holiday) I will be going to a Chuseok party for foreigners tomorrow so that should be interesting. It’s quite close to home and I’ll be going with another friend from school as well. We’ll get to meet new people eat some good food and take a break from studying too!


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