Midterms next week

Here in Korea we’ve been on holiday since the end of September since it’s Chuseok (sort of like thanksgiving). I’ve known since the beginning of the semester that we were going to have this time off right before midterms. When the semester first started I thought this could be good or bad, either a lot of time to study or it ruins your time off. Since the vacation is almost over and I haven’t done much of anything (studying included) I guess neither of those applies.

Before our time off I was thinking of a few things I might want to do during this time. I thought I might do some hiking or visit a few places I haven’t gone to yet. And actually a few places had free entry during this time too. All in all though I didn’t do either of those things, now that I think about it I’m not really sure what I did during that time… The one thing I did do was go to the foreigner Chuseok party that was held near my place. I went with a friend and had a pretty good time, also won a gift certificate so that’s nice 🙂

I think I wrote about this before but level 2 is so much harder than level 1 was, and I barely passed level 1. On a good day I don’t think I understand any more than maybe 75% of what the teacher says in class, on a bad day it goes down to about 50%. I’ve resorted to recording the classes which often helps me when I do my homework and can’t remember how to integrate the grammar we learned that day. A few days ago I started studying, that is I decided that I would mainly work on my vocabulary for a few days since I think this will help with all 4 exams. I had a list of several hundred words so I started working on that. I’ve been doing OK I guess but keep forgetting some words even though I keep writing them over and over. I still have a long way to go and in all honesty have no idea how I will pass this exam….

I’ve been thinking about this exam way too much over the past few days, thinking I will most likely fail. It’s been keeping me up at night actually and it’s really annoying me. I needed somewhere to vent I suppose and this blog is a nice place to do that. I will keep studying up until the exam comes and hope that it will be enough. If it’s not then I’ll just have to figure out what to do when/if that time comes. Time to get back to studying I guess….


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