So midterms…

As I mentioned in an earlier post we had midterms last week on Wed and Thurs, so we got our grades back on Fri. I’ll give you a hint, it didn’t go well… The way exams work at Yonsei is your grade is 50% midterms and 50% finals, except for a few other evaluations which are usually speaking which only count for that particular test. There are 4 exams: conversation 20% + speaking 80%, reading comprehension 90% + pronunciation 10% (reading out loud),  listening and writing (grammar).

Because of the way the grades are given you could fail the midterm and still end up passing if you get a high enough grade to compensate in the final, or the opposite fail the final if you have a high enough grade in the midterm to get a cumulative 60% in each of the skills. There is also the possibility of a retest after the final if you fail only one of the four skills. From what I’ve heard from people who have done that test, it’s cumulative and covers all the materials from the level; as opposed to the final which only covers material learned since the midterm. So really if you have to do the retest at the end it may end up being more difficult. If you fail the retest or fail more than one skill you have to redo the whole level.

In the week leading up to the exam I was really worried about not passing the listening test since I had done so poorly on the practice test so I started thinking about what I would do if I failed. Maybe I should have just thought positive instead but you know… Before I tell you how I did you should know that during level one my best skill was reading and my worst was listening.




So the results for level 2…. I failed reading! Reading of all things, and listening was my highest grade. I really can’t figure out how that happened! Anyway I didn’t fail miserably so I should be able to make up for it with the final, at least I hope so. I also didn’t do well on the speaking test but I passed at least. Now I have to figure out how to get better grades on the final exam which is typically much more difficult than the midterm….



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