Busan day 1

One of my classmates wanted to go to Busan after the end of the semester and asked me if I wanted to go. It would be during the Lunar New Year so I would also have time off from work, I hadn’t been to Busan yet and planned on going eventually so I said yes. If I didn’t go I probably would have ended up doing nothing for 4 days and then regretting not doing anything by the end of the time off… I did get 2 days to sleep in between the end of term and when we left for Busan, we left early in the morning on Feb 16 the actual day of Lunar New Year. Probably because it was the actual day the train wasn’t too crowded, we got to Busan in about 2 and a half hours (we took the KTX). It is the most expensive of the trains but also the fastest, there is another train that takes about 5 hours.

We arrived in Busan at around 10am and the first place on our list was the skywalk which is a 50mins bus ride from where we arrived. After putting our bags in a lockers at the station we went off to find our bus. The place is pretty easy to find as it is located on a cliff, is a rather popular attraction and is also the final stop on the bus that we took. There were other tourists on the bus as well who weren’t sure where to go and asked us, maybe because we were speaking in Korean, I don’t know. Oh I forgot to mention, my friend is Japanese and doesn’t speak English and I clearly don’t speak Japanese so we can only speak Korean together, so we got a good deal of speaking practice over two days 🙂 Anyway the sky walk was pretty nice, there are some apartment building located here and I would love to live here but it is probably ridiculously expensive…



Our next stop on our first day was Taejongdae Resort Park, it’s basically a forest path with a beach a few other attractions within including a beach and a lighthouse. Walking the 4+km path took about 2.5 hours if you take your time and take a bunch of pictures everywhere 😉 But there is also a little train (it’s not really a train, but it is shaped like one…) that drives around the path that costs about 3.50$ if you don’t want to walk.

After nearly 30,000 steps on day 1 it was time to call it quits for the day, it was also about 7 or8pm by the time we finished dinner and well we were pretty tired so we headed to the jimjilbang for the night. Jimjilbangs are Korean public bath houses, at the bigger ones you can also sleep there for super cheap. It was a holiday when we went so it was a bit more expensive than usual but still just 12,000KRW/person so about 15$ CAD. If your shy or don’t like the idea of being showering with other peopl than I wouldn’t recommend this for you but it’s definitely great for a budget traveler in Korea. It was my first time in one and the nudity wasn’t what bothered me but it was very noisy and the sleeping room was ridiculously hot. It must have been 35 degrees in that room, so I basically didn’t sleep… But it wasn’t expensive at least, day 2 coming up tomorrow.


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