Busan day 2

So after not sleeping and sweating the night away we started our morning with another shower… And then hoped on the bus and dropped our bags back in a locker, had some Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast and headed to our first stop for the day: Haedong Yonggung Temple. It’s a temple that’s on a cliff side and has some gorgeous views of the beach and ocean. It’s another popular spot and since it was the day after Lunar New Year there were many people there.

We had lunch and then we headed to Gamcheon culture village. I didn’t really have any interest in this particular place but my friend wanted to come here. Apparently it’s a really popular place though I’m not really sure why, I mean the houses are colourful but that’s about it.

Anyway we went there… We some time left before our train back to Soul so we decided to go to Busan tower which wasn’t too far from where we were or from where we needed to go to take the train. In the end it wasn’t much different than Seoul tower, and the view wasn’t that great either but it was ok.

We still had about an hour and a half before our train but that wasn’t enough time to do anything else so we headed to the train station and just sat in a cafe until it was time to take the train home. Unfortunately because it was right after Lunar New Year we only had seated tickets for about 40mins of the ride home and spent the rest of the ride standing so that sucked… I’ll remember that the next time I want to travel during a holiday and book early… Standing for 2 hours after spending 2 days walking wasn’t a great way to end the trip but I had fun nonetheless and got to see Busan. I might have to go again when it’s warmer it is a beach city after all 🙂


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