20 years comes to a sad end…

Since I am a Canadian, a hockey player and happen to be in Korea during the Olympics I had to go and see the women’s hockey gold medal game. I mean it’s the kind of thing you don’t go to very often and that I might just go to once in my life.

And so a few months ago I slurged on the tickets, which then became a Chrismas/bday present from my parents (my parents are awesome!). Then a few weeks ago I bought my train tickets and made sure to arrive early and leave late just in case the game went late and to have time to walk around after the game. After an early wake up, I headed to the subeay and then made my way to the train station. At the platform there were a ton of foreigners I almost thought I was in Canada or the US, I hadn’t heard that much English since I was in Canada. After an uneventful 2hr train ride I arrived at Gangneung and I tried to find my way to the shuttle that would take me to the venue.

There were a bunch of signs everywhere to point us in the right direction and volunteers scattered here and there also that asked you where you were going if you seemed lost. I must have seemed lost since volunteers came up to me twice and then pointed me in the right direction. They spoke English well and were very nice. I managed to make my way to the venue and after going through security walked around a little to see what there was to see. There were a few things to see including the store but the lineups were ridiculous for everything so I just made my way to the arena about an hour early.

Once inside I had to figure out where my seat was I sat to a lovely Korean family who were also cheering for the Canadians YAY! As per usual the game was an sit on the edge of your seat throughout kind of game. It was a close game and very exciting to watch, I am not disappointed at all to have gone. I am a little disappointed that the Canadians lost though… But that’s OK we will have many other chances to face the US again and hopefully get our gold medal spot back.


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