The search for online work

Since I can’t work here on my current visa (D-4) until I have been here for 1 semester or 6 months (I’m still trying to figure out which of those is accurate) I will have to find something else to bring in some money in the meantime. I do have some savings and something you could call an emergency fund but I’d really prefer to be able to get by without going into that particular fund.

This week there were a few days that I just didn’t feel like going out and just wanted to relax at home. Since arriving here I have kind of felt obligated to do something everyday and I think that this has contributed to how tired I am and how I still feel like I’m suffering the effects of jetlag. Anyway on those days in order to be at least somewhat productive I continued the research I had started back home on finding online work. There seems to be a number of possibilities to make money online including tutoring, writing, website testing, transcription, and many more.

I tried out transcription on a few sites and have found it to be very time consuming and not particularly interesting, especially when I have to listen to certain parts of a recording 5-10 times because I can’t understand what is being said. When you consider the amount of time it takes to transcribe something and the pay rate, I feel it just isn’t worth the time. So the research continues… I recently found a subreddit that discusses working online and have found the discussions to be very useful both in helping wead out the scams (there are a lot of those) and productive reviews of legitimate opportunities. Like most things in online work you get what you put into it, so a lot will depend on how mush time/dedication I put into it.

One of the opportunities that seems really interesting is tutoring English on Cambly. It’s basically just helping students to practice their conversational English so there is no teaching per se, I mean I wouldn’t have to create lessons and such. Most of the sessions are also one on one, and because most of the students are from Asia I am currently in a perfect position to have many available hours. I have already started my application but I amd trying to think of what to say in my introduction video… Only Cambly staff will see it, but since this is the only sample of me they have I feel like it should say a lot about me (kind of like an interview).

Once I reach the 3/6 months milestone here I will be able to work, although my Korean will still not be very advanced at that time so finding work may still be very difficult. Perhaps if some of my online work is fruitful I will be able so support myself with that and concentrate on studying the rest of the time. Oh and let’s not forget being a tourist, I still have quite a few things that I want to go and see while I’m here (DMZ in particular).



I think all things related to me trying to get to Korea are meant to develop my patience… I am not a particularly patient person, in fact I would say I am more or less always in a hurry. But having to constantly wait for things, and all preparations being linked to the thing I am waiting for is trying my patience. Perhaps this is part of my personal growth journey?

Realistically though there’s just no way I would have received the paperwork from the school yet, I mean even in country mail takes a few days. OK, OK, I am just really anxious to get my papers, it’s only been two days since the school sent them over. Thankfully (or maybe not, I haven’t decided yet) I have a tracking number, and so (obviously) I obsessively check to see where my package is. So far it has arrived in Canada and has now been processed in Mississauga. If my previous packages are any indication, I will receive my docs on Monday or Tuesday. At which point a trip to the consulate will be in order.

But… Another problem arises… When I was completing the visa form earlier there were a few fields that I could not complete. I do not yet have an address in Korea, in fact I’m waiting for my visa approval before I book my plane ticket and air bnb. This puts me in a bit of a bind, I guess I will have to email the consulate again to clear this up. Through this whole process I am finding that there is very little information provided in their website and so I have to send them a lot of emails. Perhaps they should make a more detailed website… At the very least once I have my visa I will probably write a consolidated D-4 visa post, I would have liked to find that kind of post.

Progress of plan B

Slowly but surely progress is being made towards plan B. Yonsei has confirmed they have received my tuition for my first two semesters and have now sent the paperwork I require for my visa. However, yet again the fees/currency conversion has left the amount slightly short upon arrival in Korea. I think this is probably because my bank converts CAD to US and then over there they convert back to KRW, so when I calculate CAD to KRW it doesn’t work…

Ok so the school is a little old fashioned, I mean who still uses mail?? Anyway, they sent my docs via EMS Korea on 5 April, and I am obsessively tracking my package and it has now landed in Toronto. That’s pretty fast, I’m hoping to get all my docs early next week at which point I have to apply for my visa. According to the consulate it takes 5-10 days for visa approval. I think once I have that in hand this will feel much more real.

In the meantime I continue to do minor renos on the house such as replacing the kitchen floor (ok, well maybe that’s not quite minor). Hopefully I’ll be listing the house for rent this weekend, which will hopefully reduce some of the stress produced by the fear of not being able to rent the house while I am in Korea. That’s all for now, hope for a new update early next week if I get my paperwork 🙂


D-4 Visa

The first thing that happened when I started to focus on plan B rather than plan A is that I needed to find more information on how to get a D-4 visa. This is a type of visa you get when you go study, among other things Korea, in Korea. First stop: the Montreal consulate website, because one would assume that you can find information on all types of visa here…. It seems not, there is absolutely no information on D-4 visas on the website. Let’s be honest that was a little annoying. Since I could not find what I needed I sent them an email asking what the required documents are. Here is their response:

The required document would pretty much be the same as D-2 visa. So the basic requirement is the same (ex. application form, fee etc).

Your school will prepare you the documents which probably will include the following:

  1. Admission certificate
  2. A copy of their business registration
  3. Acceptance Letter

Also, you need to bring in the following:

  1. Proof of Enrollment or any document proving your final level of education.
  2. Documents proving your financial statement.
  3. Training plan (lecture schedule, detailed information on the program that you would be taking etc)

Now that I have paid my tuition I just need to wait for my documents so I can apply for my visa. I am waiting for some final answers to questions that I asked them as well. I am required to provide financial documents that state I have a certain amount in my account, I’m sure there is a maximum date for this document but they made no mention of it. I am also waiting to find out the delay  for receiving my visa. The delay is the most important part really, because once I have the visa I can start booking everything and officially give my notice at work. I think doing all that will make this more real to me and help give me a massive kick in the butt to get everything prepared. I mean I’d leave in 10 weeks, that’s coming up really fast!