When I read the one word daily prompt for today I literally laughed out loud, although it wasn’t funny in a funny way, it was a: “seriously, really why are you doing this to me!”.

I took the day off work today because I can’t stand driving in the traffic caused by snow and we were expecting 15-25 cm today. The traffic would have been a perfect way to ruin my day and make me angry before I even got to work. Since I had the day off I slept in, no way was I going to get up at 5 am so I woke up around 9. As per my morning routine the first thing I do is check my email and hope to have news from my recruiter. Low and behold I had an email from him this morning…

And well, I’m sure you can guess the kind of answer I received considering the word for today. My application for an E2 visa for Korea was officially rejected. Such a lovely way to start my day off which was suppose to be a good day. I check my email while still in bed, well let me tell you I didn’t feel like getting out of bed after reading that email! But I did because now I have to find a way to get what I want, I can be an annoyingly persistent person.

I sent some questions to my recruiter to see if there is any other way I can go teach in Korea, but I don’t have very high expectations on his response. I will continue my own research into how I can do this, I am very motivated so perhaps I can find a way. (I am open to suggestions)