Day 10: Architecture

Here is day 10, a little late again but I was going to an interesting building (just not on the actual day I was suppose to post…). Hopefully you all find it pretty and interesting anyway. This picture was also suppose to be monochrome but I haven’t played with this feature very much and couldn’t figure it out so you will get the colour version. The location of the building makes it difficult to get an outside shot with traffic (especially during rush hour) so I took a shot of something that is important to me.



Day 7: Big

So this subject can’t be covered with my original picture, well I suppose it depends how you interpret big. I mean the water is actually a river and it’s definitely big. Anyway I decided to interpret this one in my own way. There aren’t many big things near my house, and there was just no way I was going to go downtown (or anywhere for that matter) I’m just too tired so I went through some of the pictures I’ve taken previously. I then decided that I would take something small that has been made big. These are the only macro pictures I’ve taken so far, I would have taken some new ones since I still have the plant but it hasn’t bloomed yet…


Day 5: Connect

This one is also difficult, I’m not a particularly social person and I generally find it hard to connect with people. So at first I wasn’t sure what this picture would be, but then I realized that we don’t just connect  with people. We also connect with nature, and that I like, I like the peacefulness of nature. So here are some pictures I took a few months ago when I upgraded my camera and went for a walk on the mountain. Oh and the first picture is an ice wall I went climbing with my brother on Christmas eve (pardon the quality it is an iphone photo). img_0987dsc_0115dsc_0119dsc_0149

That last picture was really difficult to get (the bee). I stood around this bush for a good 15-20 mins taking many pictures before I got one I liked. It would always take too long for the camera to “click” and then the bee would be gone… The mosquitoes also got to feast on me while I got this picture, but I think it was worth it.

I’m back on track now, let’s see if I can keep it up.

Day 4: Bliss

OK this one was hard, although my picture from day one would fit well in this theme as well. Let’s post a strange picture instead… The first picture is the place where I currently sit, since the docks have been removed for the winter. The second picture is the docks that where I prefer to sit in the summer. I can sit out on the water and feel the mini waves in the water, it’s very peaceful.