Immigration and Alien Registration Card (ARC)

The immigration office here works on an appointment basis; that is you have to make an appointment online prior to going to the office, you cannot just drop-in and wait. In theory this seems like a great idea and would seemingly reduce wait times considerably. This however was not the case, I had an appointment after class on Friday at 15:15 to apply for my ARC. I waited 1hr even with that appointement, now obviously they can’t always account for everything so it would be normal to wait a little bit but 1hr was a little too much for me considering the pre booking of appointments.

Anyway, I waited 1hr (took that time to study my vocabulary words for next week) and when I finally get to the counter I am told I have booked at the wrong office and I have to go to the third floor instead… I was quite annoyed at this but went to the third floor to find out if I could still get this done today. However because I didn’t have an appointment at this office I would probably have to wait a long time, maybe until 6 (it was 4). I had plans at 6 and was a 45mins subway ride from home so I opted to make another appointment on Monday.┬áSo Monday I will go back to immigration and hopefully complete my application for the ARC, I also have a few questions I wanted to ask so I’ll do that at the same time.

Apparently I really need to get this card since when you go out they check your ID and only accpet Korean ID’s or your passport. I mean who walks around with their passport in their pockets anyway?? At least I didn’t have mine, though they did eventually let me in…