I have my Visa!!! :D

Woohoo! I went to pick up my visa today, things are all slowly coming into place! Now to book my flight and airbnb, just checking on the insurance from my credit card and going to get that done ASAP.

D-4 Visa for WordPress



I think all things related to me trying to get to Korea are meant to develop my patience… I am not a particularly patient person, in fact I would say I am more or less always in a hurry. But having to constantly wait for things, and all preparations being linked to the thing I am waiting for is trying my patience. Perhaps this is part of my personal growth journey?

Realistically though there’s just no way I would have received the paperwork from the school yet, I mean even in country mail takes a few days. OK, OK, I am just really anxious to get my papers, it’s only been two days since the school sent them over. Thankfully (or maybe not, I haven’t decided yet) I have a tracking number, and so (obviously) I obsessively check to see where my package is. So far it has arrived in Canada and has now been processed in Mississauga. If my previous packages are any indication, I will receive my docs on Monday or Tuesday. At which point a trip to the consulate will be in order.

But… Another problem arises… When I was completing the visa form earlier there were a few fields that I could not complete. I do not yet have an address in Korea, in fact I’m waiting for my visa approval before I book my plane ticket and air bnb. This puts me in a bit of a bind, I guess I will have to email the consulate again to clear this up. Through this whole process I am finding that there is very little information provided in their website and so I have to send them a lot of emails. Perhaps they should make a more detailed website… At the very least once I have my visa I will probably write a consolidated D-4 visa post, I would have liked to find that kind of post.


When I read the one word daily prompt for today I literally laughed out loud, although it wasn’t funny in a funny way, it was a: “seriously, really why are you doing this to me!”.

I took the day off work today because I can’t stand driving in the traffic caused by snow and we were expecting 15-25 cm today. The traffic would have been a perfect way to ruin my day and make me angry before I even got to work. Since I had the day off I slept in, no way was I going to get up at 5 am so I woke up around 9. As per my morning routine the first thing I do is check my email and hope to have news from my recruiter. Low and behold I had an email from him this morning…

And well, I’m sure you can guess the kind of answer I received considering the word for today. My application for an E2 visa for Korea was officially rejected. Such a lovely way to start my day off which was suppose to be a good day. I check my email while still in bed, well let me tell you I didn’t feel like getting out of bed after reading that email! But I did because now I have to find a way to get what I want, I can be an annoyingly persistent person.

I sent some questions to my recruiter to see if there is any other way I can go teach in Korea, but I don’t have very high expectations on his response. I will continue my own research into how I can do this, I am very motivated so perhaps I can find a way. (I am open to suggestions)

Visa issues (why I am still waiting)

I was just re-reading my previous posts and realized that they aren’t very detailed or don’t really explain why I am still waiting on new from my visa. I mentioned in an earlier post that getting a visa confirmation # from Korea normally takes 10 days, well it has clearly been much more than 10 days since my recruiter has received all my documents. Actually all of my documents arrived in Korea at the end of October.

All documents were accepted by the visa office and my recruiter stated I had nothing to worry about; I would get my visa. I had mentioned that I had some concerns about getting my visa previously. As it turns out my concerns were justified, my visa was refused because my degree is from a French university. I knew this could be a problem which is why I was worried. I included my transcripts from CEGEP (college, what we do between high school and university in Qc for those who don’t know) and from the 2 years I did at an English university. I also included a certificate from a TEFL course (which I did for this exact reason) as well as an article I had written. I was hoping these would help them see that I am clearly fluent in English even though I did my degree in French. Well I don’t think it helped much, actually I have no idea… Anyway the school is appealing the refusal and still hoping (as am I) that I will be able to go in February.

I have tried and tried searching for information on the appeals process in Korea but have found little information. What little information I did find usually pertained to tourist visas and not an E2 and even then nobody seems to know the appeals process or a time frame for the process. Actually even my recruiter doesn’t know. That, I think, is the most frustrating part and also why first thing every morning I check my email and hope for an email from my recruiter. I really really really want a positive response, and I really want to go to Korea (and my mom continues to pray for me, thanks mom!). We have been awaiting a response since early Nov, so it has been 3 months already with no news though my recruiter continues attempt to get an answer the response he gets being “we are considering”.

My birthday is in January so right now I’m hoping for a really awesome birthday present of a Korea E2 visa 🙂 I continue to be hopeful and try to think positive. But if I want to get to Korea for Feb I need a response by the end of January to give the required notice to my employer…

Waiting and more waiting…

We are now in 2017 and I am still on vacation from work for another week. The biggest disadvantage to being on vacation is too much free time to think. Since I don’t have anything that I have to do, I spend way too much time thinking about Korea and obsessively checking my email and hoping to get a response for my visa.

And yet still nothing, I’m getting somewhat tired of waiting really, and since I’m not a particularly patient person to begin with this is not helping. Anyway I don’t have much choice but to keep waiting and hoping for a positive result. In the meantime I’m working on a plan B…