The search for the BIG Daiso

One of the first places I did when I settled into my new place in Korea was to find a Daiso close by to buy some household essetials. Now at the time I couldn’t really use the Daiso site since it’s location page is in Korean so I use trusty google to scoure blogs and forums to try to find one. Using this method I manage to find two within 1km, one at each of the subway stations between which I live (Sinchon and Ehwa Women’s University).

I went to visit both but I was a little dissapointed since I had heard that there were some big Daiso stores but both of these only had one floor and were pretty small. The other day though I was walking around Sinchon again and decided to take a different road to get back home and I found another one, this one a little bigger (2 floors). But it still didn’t live up to the hype…. Today I decided to do some more research to find a big store, I had heard about one that was 4 floors! So after more online research I found that the one in Hongdae was suppose to be one of the big ones so I headed out. But then on the was I see another Daiso, it’s actually right accross the street from the small one near Sinchon station. So I went in, from outside it looked like it was one of the big stores, it had 3 floors once inside though I discovered it had a basement so it was actually the one I was looking for! Even better it’s much closer to home than I expected!

I was looking for some storage stuff and cleaning supplies to clean my room. This Daiso seemed to be organized differently than the other ones I’d been in so I stayed there for like an hour looking for what I wanted. I did in fact find everything I wanted and more! They had a huge snack section compared to the other locations and they even had a sports section. Suffise it so say I will be going back shortly, probably tomorrow actually since I have a better idea of what else I need storage wise (and I ran out of kleenex…). I really should look into becoming a member too since I think I will be going there often and they have a points card or something, something else to look into when I go back 🙂 Oh and in case you’re wondering there are actually 4 Daiso’s within a 1km walking distance from my place.