Seoul Lantern Festival

After the last day of finals I went with some classmates to the Seoul lantern festival for some much needed R&R. After too much time spent studying this past weekend and the past few days before that we needed so time to do something totally unrelated to school. Here are some pictures. One of the themes of the festival this year was the Olympics so there were a few depictions of the two Olympics mascots in some of the various sports



Nami Island and Petite France


Disclaimer… I messed up the settings of my camera at the beginning of the day and have, as of yet been, unable to fix this very annoying mistake. Needless to say when I got home and noticed that my camera pictures looked worse than my phone pictures I was more than a little pissed. Anywhooo, after a little research I did find out what my mistake was and I will not be making it again but it does leave me with some terribly grainy pictures.

One of my level 1 classmates is from Vietnam, lately she is always cold, mainly because where she comes from the coldest it ever gets is 20 degrees Celsius. And even then she sometimes find that cold, and these days the temperature hovers around 5-10 degrees maybe. Personally I like it it’s amazing weather for mid November. But anyway, I digress, since she’s from a warm country she’s never seen the fall colours so 2-3 weeks ago we went to Namsan on a random weekday to see the changing leaves. Well we were very disappointed as the mountain was about 2/3 still green. In her hunt for fall leaves she found a tour package for a day at Nami island and Petite France.

Since the tour took a whole day we had to book on a weekend , which isn’t ideal as there would be tons of people but we weren’t about to miss classes for that. Another of our classmates also joined us for the tour. Nami Island was very pretty and there were a lot of fall colours for my friend to see. We some bunnies, some weird looking sculptures, lots and lots of snowmen and took lots of pictures. We had some Korean sausage, which was a little disappointing and had some delicious Italian pizza.

After Nami Island we went to Petite France, which was a little weird I thought. I meant there was the Petit Prince and that was about the extent of the Frenchness of the place. They were playing some music but it wasn’t French, there were some antiques and some sculptures which seemed more Italian than French. The view however was very nice so I guess that’s why we went?

The Olympics and hockey

As you all know by now I’ve been in Korea for about 5 months now, and plan to stay… probably for another year, at least that’s the current plan. And you should also all know that the winter Olympics are in Korea in Feb 2018. Seeing as I plan to be here during the Olympics, I looked into getting some tickets to a game. Thankfully, not sure that’s the right word, but anyway there are some tickets left to many of the events.  There are even tickets left for some of the more popular events and some of the medal games also.

Being Canadian, a hockey fan and a hockey player myself I want to go see the women’s hockey at the Olympics! Today, I thought to myself why keep waiting, book now! So I went back on the site and have now officially reserved a ticket to the women’s hockey gold medal game, yup that’s right the gold medal game! Woohoo! OMG though, Canada had better be in the finals lol.

Screenshot (35)_LI

Sorry I had to brag, I’m so looking forward to going! 😀

Vacation post 3 of 3

Ok this is the last one! On the way back home we stopped by a… I don’t really know what to call it, an outdoor place of worship I guess. I’m not really sure what it’s called but I tried to look it up and I’m fairly certain it was Wolmyoengdong. It had statues of Jesus and a bunch or religious stories on rocks shaped like faces and stuff like that; I really hate that kind of thing, but there was hiking and really the place was beautiful! So hiking we went and I took more pictures and here they are!

So that’s what I did the last few days of my vacation. Oh! I just remembered, I went to another place during vacation that I’ll have to write about. Another temple smack in the middle of a big city, this time in Gangnam.


Vacation post 2 of 3

For this post I will talk about a really really big cave we went to on the way to our destination. This cave was huge, a few places it said the size, and I think the biggest one was 1 000m. I’m not sure any of the pictures can relay how massive it was. This cave is called Hwangsoengul. In this particular park there was also a hiking trail and another smaller cave. Actually we had to hike to get to the cave too, it was a few km not too far though you could also take a monorail to get there as well. There’s no was I was taking the monorail although my friends did want to… It was a little expensive and I like hiking, so we walked 🙂

The view from the parking lot up to the mountain. There was a lovely little river running along the path up to the cave as well as a waterfall about half way up. All the way up you could hear the rushing water as you hiked up to the cave, I love that sound! When we got to the cave there was a sign that said no pictures 😦 At first I thought that sucks, but then noticed that all the Koreans were taking pictures anyway, so I did too :p

It was quite cold in the cave and the walk through the whole cave took about 1 hr. It was really cool though and if I have the chance I’ll go back and visit the other cave and complete the hike to the top.

Vacation post 1 of 3

Though our vacation was short I did manage to do a few things and I may have a gone a little photo crazy so I will split the vacation post into a few. So I went to Uljin with my Korean friends, her parents live there so it was a very economical vacation getaway. Uljin is about a 3 hour drive from Seoul and during that drive you can see just how many mountains there are in Korea. There is a new road (apparently less than a year old) which shortens the drive though Korea by going through the mountains rather than around which makes for many, many tunnels. These are some of the pictures from the drive and you can see just how many mountains there are.

On the way to our final destination we stopped by a light house which seemed to be a popular tourist spot. There were some nice views of the sea here. We walked around here and took pictures for an hour or so.

We arrived at my friends parents house around dinner time so we just had some dinner, went to hang out at the beach in the dark and then we were off to bed. The next day was to be beach day so we could relax and rest after all the walking and sight seeing the previous day. Unfortunately it wasn’t all that hot, the weather wasn’t very nice (occasional rain and complete cloud coverage all day), and if that wasn’t enough I woke up with a migraine… So the day at the beach was sort of ruined but we still went and slept on the beach anyway.

The beach was actually completely deserted, save for a few older people fishing, so at least it wasn’t crowded. There had to be something positive about the day…

Next post will be about a super awesome huge cave we went to on the way to Uljin, took tons of photos there! And then for the last vacation post we will have some more photos of a sort of nature park/church where we went hiking on the way back.

Seonyudo Han river park

There were a few nice days after a few rainy days this week so I thought I would take advantage of those and spend some time outdoors. Last time I went to Yeouido park I didn’t get to see the whole park so I went back again. I really wish this park was closer it would be an awesome place for a run. It’s got a nice path on the outside of the park and several paths running through the park as well.

I also went to 2 other Han river parks: Seonyudo and Ttokseon.  Seonyudo is a little island with a botanical gardens, it was lovely; Ttokseon had a big pool and many family activities and an outdoor climbing wall.

So far all these parks have been lovely, I’ll have to check out the other ones as well. There’s one with a fountain bridge that’s in the Guinness book of records, there are fountains that come out of the bridge. I guess I’ll have to go to some of those parks at night too to get a nice few of the city lights. Well I’ve got 4 days of vacation left before school starts up again on Friday, lots to do before then.