Hello Mr.K

Today we had a half day at school today because we were to attend a concert called Hello Mr. K that took place on campus. The intent of this concert is to showcase/introduce Korean culture to the students at the language school. All students were required to attend and it took place during class time. It is actually part of the language program and was a planned activity on the class schedule. This was the program for the concert; there was some traditional Korean music, Kpop, and others. It was actually a nice break from regular class, we also have very little homework today since we didn’t actually learn any new material in class today. 🙂


So much to say!

Just so you’re all aware I keep seeing things and thinking about things I want to write about since I got here, only 2 days ago. So in the coming days there will probably be a lot of posts going up although I’m sure this trend will not last too long since I will be starting my language classes soon and will most likely have much less free time… You’ve been warned :p

Visa application

I finally received the paperwork the school sent that I needed to apply for my visa. They actually arrived on Monday but I didn’t have a chance to pick them up. I had some thing to do Monday night and so planned to pick it up on Tuesday. But then, on Tues I arrived at the post office and… they were closed! I arrived just a few minutes to late, so I was upset that I couldn’t get my mail. In all fairness though it’s my fault for not checking the hours before, but I was mad nonetheless.

Moving on, I managed to pick them up of my way home from work on Wednesday. Now I had everything I needed to apply for my visa except for time. I didn’t want to wait until after the long weekend (4 days) since I thought I just might go crazy if I did that. So during the day on Wed I went to see my boss and asked him if I could leave early on Thurs to go get my visa. He agreed to let me leave early (and by early I mean right after lunch). Since I had a appointment at 3 I had to go to the consulate before my appointment because the consulate closes at 4 (at least the visa counter does anyway.

So I left work early, got sent around in circles by Google maps on the way, managed to find parking not too far away, and arrived before they reopened after lunch (1:30). I had a few questions on filling out the paperwork properly and after completing all of it handed it in along with my passport. The lady gave me a piece of paper and told me I needed to bring that back with a piece of ID to get my visa and passport back. According to that little paper I can go back to pick them up on 24 April. That’s a pretty fast turnaround!

I need to go, just GO!

The tag line on my blog says I’m looking… for myself. OK, what on earth does that mean though? Honestly I don’t really know either, it’s just what I was feeling at the time. But in truth I am jealous of a certain type of person, and that, I think is where that statement comes from. I am jealous of those who know who they are and where they are going, what they want to do with there lives (be it through work or hobbies) they have some life goals, things they want to accomplish.

I have none of those things… I don’t know what I want to do with my life, what field I want to work in. I’d like to have some idea I’m still young I still have time to change the direction of my life, to figure it all out. Maybe that’s why I feel the need to go, just GO.

What I have been feeling for the past several months is that feeling, feeling like I can’t stay here, I can’t just keep doing what I’m doing. I feel like I have already become trapped in the 9-5 which is something I hate and never really wanted. Now I have attempted to get out of this rut by going to Korea, but if you’ve read previous posts I have hit a bit of a snag in that process. I’m still hoping thing will go my way, but I have begun to work on a plan B.  I might tell you about plan B later, if plan A doesn’t work out, maybe…