Day 4: Bliss

OK this one was hard, although my picture from day one would fit well in this theme as well. Let’s post a strange picture instead… The first picture is the place where I currently sit, since the docks have been removed for the winter. The second picture is the docks that where I prefer to sit in the summer. I can sit out on the water and feel the mini waves in the water, it’s very peaceful.



Day 3: Water

Wow! I’m already a few days behind… that’s terrible! OK so one shouldn’t take three different courses on WordPress at the same time, especially if each of those gives you a task everyday. So let’s catch up on my assignments then: water!

I had water in my day 1 assignment but I went to take more pictures, since that’s kind of the point of this course really.

dsc_0188It’s been really warm and raining quite a bit lately, with more rain to come, so all the snow and ice is melting 🙂


Day 2: Street view

Assignment #2 for my mini photography course was yesterday, yes I’m already behind… I’m terrible with these things. Thankfully I have already taken a picture for the subject on day one (yes I cheated :p). There aren’t many interesting streets where I live and I didn’t feel like going to find a nice street so I just went with where I live. And here is the picture of my very quiet and peaceful street, I think we are less than 5 houses on it, it’s great!


The subject for today is water ,but I haven’t had a chance or thought of what I want to display on the subject so maybe tomorrow after I’ve thought about it some more I will have something to post.

I need to go, just GO!

The tag line on my blog says I’m looking… for myself. OK, what on earth does that mean though? Honestly I don’t really know either, it’s just what I was feeling at the time. But in truth I am jealous of a certain type of person, and that, I think is where that statement comes from. I am jealous of those who know who they are and where they are going, what they want to do with there lives (be it through work or hobbies) they have some life goals, things they want to accomplish.

I have none of those things… I don’t know what I want to do with my life, what field I want to work in. I’d like to have some idea I’m still young I still have time to change the direction of my life, to figure it all out. Maybe that’s why I feel the need to go, just GO.

What I have been feeling for the past several months is that feeling, feeling like I can’t stay here, I can’t just keep doing what I’m doing. I feel like I have already become trapped in the 9-5 which is something I hate and never really wanted. Now I have attempted to get out of this rut by going to Korea, but if you’ve read previous posts I have hit a bit of a snag in that process. I’m still hoping thing will go my way, but I have begun to work on a plan B.  I might tell you about plan B later, if plan A doesn’t work out, maybe…


Day 1: Home?

In an effort to keep my mind and fingers occupied while I impatiently wait for news from Korea I have taken several WordPress blogging courses. This is the second of these courses: Developing your eye I, it is a photography course and here is post #1 of this series.

The theme for this photo was to be home; but what is home really? I have a house, which I recently bought this past year, is that what I consider my home? We often hear the expression: “home is where the heart is”, if that is the case then home can be anything, a place, a thing, people.

For this post I decided home was the place I like to go to clear my head, vent and just generally sit and take in the view. In it a small boat launch a 5min walk from my house. I love to go there after work and sit on the dock and feel the water and listen to the waves comes in. It just isn’t the same coming here in the winter though, too many people and the docks have been taken in so no floating for me… I still enjoy it though, even more so when I am the only one there which is most of the time.

Who? Why?


After spending way too much time reading other blogs yesterday my brain decided to think of all the things I could possibly write about on this blog. After realizing I had more to talk about than I originally though and intended for this blog I thought: “maybe I should work on my blogging/writing skills?” And so following through on that thought I signed up for a few WordPress courses, first of which is Fundamentals of blogging. And this is my first assignment: publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

So let’s see… my name is Nat, I am a Canadian woman in my mid-thirties who hails from Montreal. I initially started the blog to document my journey to become an English teacher in Korea, which if you’ve read the few posts so far has been rather frustrating. However, I have since decided that I will write about well a bunch of things. So I will just write whatever I feel like writing about, I’m sure there will be rants, and probably some photography thrown in there too.

I recently got back into photography and upgraded my camera so I’m sure some photos will end up here. That and I also took one of the WordPress courses on photography, which I’m sure will require me to post photos.

Followers?! Really?

I was really surprised when I got emails about people following my blog or commenting on my posts. I started this blog for the sole purpose of keeping my family informed of ummm, stuff/my life while I would be in Korea. OK, I suppose I also thought somewhere in the back of my mind that other people would read it too, kind of like I read everything I could get my hands on while deciding whether I should do this or not.

I wasn’t thinking about the “other people” (read: non family) when I wrote my first posts since my family sort of new the backstory and clearly I update them directly on the progress of my application. In future posts I will have to explain more I suppose. I will keep that in mind for the posts that I have written up as drafts, some of which will only be posted once I get a definitive answer for my visa, or am actually in Korea.