Plan B

Having received a negative response from Korean immigration regarding my E2 visa I have been working on making plan B more concrete. In reality plan B was more like plan Z in my mind until I got the super crappy NO from immigration. I had been thinking about how else I could go to Korea if not as an English teacher and seeing as I was working on learning some Korean (and still am, slowly but surely) I thought why not go study Korean? And thus plan B was born.

Plan A (teaching English) was always the preferred plan, I mean lets face it everything is pretty simple when you go teach. They pay your plane ticket, your apartment, you’re paid, someone picks you up at the airport, you get help from people with just about everything with regards to settling in. Plan B… Plan B has none of that! Plan B is a lot more expensive than plan A. Tuition, plane ticket, place to stay, and all the other expenses that are also involved in plan A really but without the benefit of money coming in… All in all not that appealing of a prospect really. But I want to go to Korea and I don’t just want to go as a tourist, I want the full experience. And so, plan B has been taking a clearer form in my mind since plan A was so unceremoniously crushed by bureaucracy.

Ah! But there is also plan B/A, which involves going to Korea with all the required documents for an E2 visa and going directly to immigration to convince them I am awesome and they should let me teach English. This plan is also more expensive than plan A but has some potential to turn into plan A, with the added benefit of having learned some Korean while fighting with immigration (provided I win of course).

So I am working on both plan B and plan B/A and doing my best to prepare everything I can and doing as much research as I can. How to apply to Yonsei KLI (where I plan to study Korean), costs involved, how to find housing when you don’t speak Korean, flights, saving money (this one is key), working on my Korean to attempt getting into level 2, etc. There is one thing I know for sure: I need to do this! I need to go to Korea and find myself, it may be an expensive endeavor but I don’t think it will be in vain, I hope it will change many things and help me to figure out what I want from life and who I am by going outside of my comfort zone.



When I read the one word daily prompt for today I literally laughed out loud, although it wasn’t funny in a funny way, it was a: “seriously, really why are you doing this to me!”.

I took the day off work today because I can’t stand driving in the traffic caused by snow and we were expecting 15-25 cm today. The traffic would have been a perfect way to ruin my day and make me angry before I even got to work. Since I had the day off I slept in, no way was I going to get up at 5 am so I woke up around 9. As per my morning routine the first thing I do is check my email and hope to have news from my recruiter. Low and behold I had an email from him this morning…

And well, I’m sure you can guess the kind of answer I received considering the word for today. My application for an E2 visa for Korea was officially rejected. Such a lovely way to start my day off which was suppose to be a good day. I check my email while still in bed, well let me tell you I didn’t feel like getting out of bed after reading that email! But I did because now I have to find a way to get what I want, I can be an annoyingly persistent person.

I sent some questions to my recruiter to see if there is any other way I can go teach in Korea, but I don’t have very high expectations on his response. I will continue my own research into how I can do this, I am very motivated so perhaps I can find a way. (I am open to suggestions)

Korea update… Still waiting

Actually I don’t have much to say about this, but since it’s been a while I thought some people might want to know if there was any news. Sadly no, I still have no news! I will be emailing my contact next week again to see if he has received any updates. Oh I so hope there is some news, at this point I’ll take any news goo or bad. OK I obviously want positive news, but the waiting is killing me so at least if I have news I won’t have to wait anymore and I’ll be able to move on.

Day 10: Architecture

Here is day 10, a little late again but I was going to an interesting building (just not on the actual day I was suppose to post…). Hopefully you all find it pretty and interesting anyway. This picture was also suppose to be monochrome but I haven’t played with this feature very much and couldn’t figure it out so you will get the colour version. The location of the building makes it difficult to get an outside shot with traffic (especially during rush hour) so I took a shot of something that is important to me.