The beginning of a journey

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog about my journey to teach in Korea for a while now, not sure why I didn’t start until now… Probably because I don’t want to have to explain if I don’t get my Visa, and let’s face it if I hadn’t gotten my visa I never would have started this blog…. (OK I got tired of waiting and decided to post it anyway, I am actually still waiting for the answer for my visa)

I have been looking into going to teach English overseas for about two years, although the last two years I was only considering Japan, probably because I do Karate (Kyokushin to be exact) and that’s what attracted me to Japan initially. I looked into the JET program but it is very competitive and I guess I really wasn’t that motivated because I never started the process. Over the summer I started watching Kdramas again, and this sparked my interest in Korea. I haven’t been enjoying my job so much and I guess I was looking for something to do about it. And that is what began my obsession with teaching in Korea.

I started doing tons of research on what you need to go teach there and how to go about it, and I had everything I needed since I just finished my degree last year. I started reading blog after blog and scouring all sorts of forums, and nearly everything I read made me want to go even more (there were some negative posts/blogs but for the most part it motivated me more). Then one day, sometime in AugustĀ I think, I decided to start applying to recruiters and also posted my CV on Dave’s ESL cafe. The response was pretty fast I got a bunch of offers, though many of them were for China even though I specifically said I wanted to teach in Korea.

I replied to almost all of the Korea recruiters/schools that sent me emails. Some I went through interviews with some simply didn’t reply. One of the issues was that I wanted to start after the holidays and most schools were looking for teachers right away (this wasn’t possible for me). I had a few interviews, most went well, some I could have done without… In the end I went with a recruiter Park English.